Siedle Scope:
Extending to the furthest reaches of your home
Wherever you are, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden or the cellar…, Scope gives you a live update of who is standing at the door. Scope features all the important functions of a video indoor station, thus allowing it to become a fully fledged handsfree station in ist charging tray on the table. Scope has all the functions of a conventional cordless phone to ensure that you only need a single device for all your communication needs. And finally Scope can also connect to the world of iPads and iPhones. Scope can run four apps simultaneously if required.
The best of two worlds
Anyone who invests in Scope gets several mobile video intercoms as part of the package, whose strengths complement each other to perfection: The durable, reliable Siedle station, with its continuous availability, provides the secure basis, while the app provides the flexible add-on and an entry into the virtual world of smartphones or tablets.

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Background and advice
Cordless and free to roam. An overview of the Siedle system world and a new era of mobility at the threshold.
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The alternative DECT™
Unlike apps, Scope establishes its cordless link using the DECT™ telephone standard. Siedle has extended the DECT™ functionality to include video transmission. The result: a mobile video intercom in which the combination of audio quality, availability, standby time and operating reliability beats any WiFi-based app hands down. And last but not least, Scope comes with outstanding tamper-proofing and audio privacy functionality. DECT™ connections are encrypted per se and do not require the internet. This reduces possible points of attack for phone hackers.
Outstanding convenience in a single device
Siedle Scope is not just a mobile video intercom, hands-free device and cordless landline telephone in one. Scope also offers an array of convenience functions. For instance the video memory: This records who has rung the bell complete with picture and date. House functions can also be controlled using Scope: The light, garage door or shutters, for instance. And thanks to a browser-based administration, Scope can be centrally managed with the utmost of ease.

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Greater range with repeaters
The Scope repeater permits greater ranges to be achieved even in complex structural environments. Up to six repeaters per base station cover the requirements of most domestic or office environments. Every repeater increases the range by around 50 metres in the building and 300 metres out of doors*. Unlike conventional DECT™ repeaters, the video signal is also amplified for Siedle Scope. The complete range of functions including video image are consequently available in the combined reception range of the base station and repeater.

* The effective range depends on individual circumstances, for example on building materials, furnishings or the location of the transmitter.
Siedle Scope can be operated in an eco mode. The eco mode reduces the transmission output of the cordless handset, depending on its distance from the base station. The energy consumption is also reduced, causing the stand-by time of the battery to be extended.
Exemplary speech quality, even with hearing aids
Siedle Scope is equipped with a loop for inductive coupling of the audio signal directly into hearing aids. In this way, Scope fulfils the European standard for hearing aid-compatible means of communication (ETS 300 381).
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