Commissioning and administration
Correct commissioning provides the basis for trouble-free operation. We have therefore made it as simple as possible – and we only use experts to complete the process.
Commissioning and administration
An Access system, regardless of size is controlled from a single central point – the Access server. The interface to the server is browser-based. The commissioning, configuration, administration, maintenance, updates and system monitoring processes are all carried out in a web browser, which means that they can also be completed remotely using an Internet connection. It is also possible to conveniently pre-configure the system without being on site.
The configuration covers all the devices connected to the server.
The same applies to updates which are applied centrally for the entire system. The clever part about this is that the devices automatically download the correct software version for themselves. An overview of the system and its status can also be viewed at any time centrally.
Have all the components been configured correctly and are all services and log files running? The Access server has all the information and provides it via a web browser. If a device has to be replaced, the process does not require any reconfiguration since Access has a central backup function.
A matter for experts
Since correct commissioning is of vital importance to ensure that the system operates properly and reliably, our warranty is restricted to systems which have been commissioned by the Access Service Center at Siedle or by a partner certified by Siedle (Access Certified Partner). The commissioning service is available to all other contractors as a service.

Performance features
• PC-based commissioning
• Configuration of all devices with a save facility
• Efficient service functionality
• Central updates for all devices
• Central administration of users and devices
• Group administration • Several administrators with different authorisation levels
• Remote configuration using a web interface
• Configuration backup
• Remote maintenance and updates
• Monitoring and saving of the system capacity
• Manual line and user monitoring
• Administration of software versions in the server
• Detailed logging for support and developers
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