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When it comes to IP-based building communication, the advantages of a carefully devised maintenance concept are clear: greater functional reliability, permanent flexibility and steady costs. Regular updates and upgrades as part of a maintenance contract are therefore a logical addition.
Your advantages
On the safe side
The Siedle Access maintenance contract was developed to maintain system flexibility and ensure greater functional reliability. It ensures that the system is always up-to-date and compatible with third-party devices – including in relation to iOS updates.
Always up to date
With the Siedle Access maintenance contract, users are opting to receive the latest versions and function upgrades, meaning they benefit from continuous optimisation of a system that never stands still –and thereby keep pace with technical and legal developments.
Long-term predictability
The Siedle Access maintenance contract effectively lowers the cost of continuous software updates while also improving ability to plan. It replaces fluctuating costs with a steady investment in functional reliability and technological flexibility.
Fair and transparent
When it comes to setting fees, Siedle has made a conscious decision to do away with unclear flat service charges and is instead offering a transparent and simple calculation model: the annual maintenance costs correspond to 20 percent of the total of all licence costs.
One year free
Basically all maintenance, updating and adjustment measures are available to users of Siedle Access Professional for free for one year after commissioning. The Siedle Access maintenance contract ensures the continuation of this service entitlement.
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