“Siedle Access is the most powerful and flexible system that we have ever developed. We believe and are indeed convinced that it is also the best solution available on the market to meet complex requirements and satisfy demanding users.”
Jürgen Eschle
Head of Siedle Engineering
• Secure door concept: no access to the internal network in the accessible entrance area
• Authentication mechanisms and access guards for configurations
• Device and line monitoring:
state and error messages as well as status reports can be opened using the administration interface

Easy planning
• Minimal Siedle-specific knowledge is required, planning takes place on the basis of known network standards
• Device, group and call list assignments can be adjusted at any time

Efficient data transmission
• Up to 640 users
• No relevant range restriction
• The number of simultaneous connections is only limited by the network bandwidth and the server hardware used
• Efficient video transmission (H.264 standard for video coding)
• Natural speech quality for audio transmission (G.711 audio coding)
• A bandwidth of just approx. 1 Mbps is required per connection
• Parallel switching and group formation without supplementary components

Integration capability
• Integration of VoIP telephones with and without video
• Integration of analogue surveillance cameras
• Connection to telephone systems (SIP)
• Link-up with KNX automation systems
Server-based system
• Extensive central configuration with storage facility via web browser (no software installation required)
• Direct access to all devices over the central server
• Software system free of hardware link
• Full integration possible through virtualization
• Efficient communication functions (e.g. group formation) can be implemented
• Optimum location networking
• Efficient service functionality
through central software updates, troubleshooting and back-up facility
• Central monitoring
• Centrally available links to non-Siedle systems
• Landline telephony also for in-house telephones in conjunction with telephone system

Call station flexibility
• Wide choice of different call stations for all fields of application
• Door stations from the Vario, Classic or Steel design lines with their wide functional, mounting and design scope
• Door calls placed using call button modules, display call module, dialling keypad (code lock) or Siedle Touch
• Siedle audio or video indoor call stations, with receiver or handsfree, wall mounted or in a table-top version, in a range of different design variants through to special paintwork finishes or for branding by the application of logos
• Virtual in-house video telephone in the form of PC software
• Concierge software
• Siedle app

Extension and upgrade capability
• Extension of the system possible at any point of the network at any time
• Function upgrades by means of updates or licences
• All devices can be updated over the central server
• Updates are made available as a complete package (not individually for each device type)
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