IP basis
The efficiency, range and flexibility of Siedle Access makes this the ideal solution for properties with
• a large number of users (door stations and/or indoor devices) and long distances
• stringent demands on audio and video transmission
• several (also geographically) separate building sections
• concierge and surveillance functions
• heterogeneous utilization (private and commercial mixed use)
• fundamental requirement for structured wiring and IP technology
Siedle Access makes door communication part of the IP world. From the door controller to the call station, every device is compatible with the international standard for infrastructure in communication and data networks, structured wiring. Access integrates seamlessly into an IP network, adding the whole functional scope of Siedle system technology, from speech connection using video and intercom through to complex switching and control functions. Even in the new digital world, the strengths of Siedle systems shine through. The primary concern is security because we place the very highest demands on the threshold,on the boundary between private and public life. With this in mind, Siedle does not take a network or IP protocol to the outside of the door.
Security is supplemented by variability and individuality. Siedle Access is not limited to certain products; the system provides a choice of three design lines at the door – Vario, Steel and Classic. On the inside, the enormous range of Siedle call stations is increased by virtual in-house telephones,concierge software, selected products from other manufacturers and Siedle apps for the iPhone and iPad.
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