Siedle manufactures every one of its products where the company has been at home for the past 260 years: In Furtwangen in the Black Forest. A contribution to quality assurance, but also testimony to the company's sense of responsibility for the location and its people.
Made in Furtwangen
A company like Siedle is not just an employer, it also contributes to the upkeep of the regional economy. We firmly believe that only industrial production can provide a sustainably secure future for a modern economic location.
Training and services are growing ever more important, but they cannot replace manufacturing industry as the motor of the economy. This underlying truth applies not just to Furtwangen, but to the whole of the country.

We are aware of our responsibility in this regard and we live up to it. We expect the same of our suppliers, and we appeal to our partners across the different trades to also pay due attention to where and how the products they offer are manufactured.

Siedle does everything in its power to manufacture competitive products inside Germany. This has never been easy, and it is growing into ever more of a challenge in a globalized economy. But it can be achieved if capable employees dedicate their creativity and their commitment to reaching this goal instead of considering the possible benefits of other locations. This forms the corner stone of the "Made in Germany" seal: it stands and has always stood for superior quality which depends on the dedication of those people who work to achieve it on a daily basis.

There are three areas in which this connection provides a shining example of particular strength: In modern manufacturing, in bespoke non-standard production and in the factory service which ensures that investment in a Siedle system pays dividends for the longest possible time. Because this is another key aspect of quality made in Germany: The true costs are not just about the price of acquisition, and there is no doubt that some things can be produced more cheaply elsewhere – but not everything.

> Modern manufacture
> Bespoke non-standard production
> Factory service

Above: View of the Urachtal Valley in the Black Forest
Centre: The Siedle Logistics Centre in Furtwangen
Below: Meticulous care and concentration in our modern manufacturing facility: Steel system assembly
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