What distinguishes Siedle
Siedle is a commercial company which operates with a view to generating profit. The owners and workforce live off the revenue generated, forming a community of interest.
Is that all? Of course not! Every company seeks to make a profit. Anyone trying to get behind what distinguishes Siedle will not find an answer here. The answer is to be found in questions whose scope extends far beyond mere profit-seeking: What purpose is profit generated for, and how is that purpose achieved?
Siedle is about more than simply striving to generate profits.
Corporations nowadays wield far greater freedom than they used to in answering these questions. Although external stipulations such as laws, decrees, collective bargaining agreements and so on have a regulatory effect, their effectiveness is gradually diminishing.In extreme cases, a company looks around the world for a manufacturing location somewhere in a country whose regulations suit its purpose – or threatens to do so in order to achieve the concessions it requires on its own home ground.
The decisive question: Whose interest does the creation of profit serve?
Consequently, those regulations which a company imposes on itself are more important, more reliable and more effective: Its internal constitution, its own basic code of practice. It is this constitution which makes Siedle what it is. Anyone who looks into it, will discover that Siedle forms a community which brings together very much more than just the desire for profit.
More important than regulations from the outside: A company's own self-imposed commitment.
Our mission statement describes the basis for this community. It describes, nominates and explains what sets Siedle apart. At the same time, it describes how we aim to maintain what it is that makes us special today and in the future. Because Siedle's economic modus operandi can no longer be taken as a matter of course; it is under threat. Anyone seeking to keep it alive will have to fight for it. Anyone willing to fight for it must understand what characterizes it.
Siedle's economic modus operandi is under threat.
And there is something else they need to know: What it is they can depend on. Our system of values and our corporate mission can provide answers here too. So it is worth while taking the time to look into it. The question of what it is we are striving for not only distinguishes one company from another. It also drives and motivates the workforce.
What it is we can depend on.
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